Herd Sires

Legacy 302A4

R10264870 • 302A4 • Polled • 9/23/2013 • Gen:6 • ET

He is sired by multiple trait leader Csonka and his genomically enhanced EPDs indicate top 15% REA, 35% IMF, 4% SC and top 25% YW EPDs with only 1.7 pounds of BW. His dam is the $50,000 302L9 donor owned by Brinks Brangus @ Westall Ranches in New Mexico. His maternal sibs generated $180,000 at Camp Cooley and 302L9 and her full sisters sold for $95,000 while generating $303,000 in progeny sales not including 302A4. He is long sided and extreme in his depth of rib.

Suhn's Majestik Beacon 30C

UB10292617 • 30C • Polled • 2/14/2015 • Gen:UB2 •AI

Our new herd sire has calving ease with exceptional growth and performance in a package that exhibits depth of rib, above average bone, base width, thickness, excellent scrotal development and a super calm disposition.

Eisenhower of Salacoa 23Y69

R10204868 • 23Y69 • Polled • 9/29/2011 • Gen:6 • ET

Eisemhower is one of the true power bulls of his time. He records 7 genomically enhanced EPD traits in the breed's top 15% including top 3% WW, 4% REA, 10% YW and SC and top 15% IMF. His dam is the MVP of Salacoa Valley, the $10,000 23M28. She is a New Era out of the iconic 23D2 and now resides at Draggin M Ranch. She posts progeny records of 42 @ 101 WR, 34 @ 102 YR and 33 @ 102 REA and IMF ratios. She also top 1% YW, 2% WW, 5% REA and 10% IMF EPDs

Millhouse of Majestik 331Z24

R10227113 • 331Z24 • Polled • 2/22/2012 • Gen:5 • ET

Millhouse is out of 331S43, who is the best full sister to Suhn's Next Step. He certainly exhibits the moderation, thickness and growth of his sire plus the depth of rib, bone, foot structure and base width of his dam is also evident. 331Z24 had a weaning weight of 745 pounds to ratio at 104, a yearling weight of 1275 pounds to ratio at 102 and a ribeye area of 15.93 to ratio at 105. He also ranks in the top 4% for weaning weight, top 10% for yearling weight and ribeye and top 15% for scrotal. This bull is moderate framed with an abundance of depth of rib, base width, and thickness with a great disposition.

Hoover of Majestik 535Z4

R10210657 • 535Z4 • Polled • 2/19/2012 • Gen:5 • AI

This Brazille son is a deep sided power bull. This bull is full of growth and muscle and has the ability to produce great replacement females and bulls. He posts EPD traits in the breed's top 25% or better, paced by top 1% milk and scrotal, 4% ribeye, top 5% for yearling weight, top 15% for weaning weight, 20% for IMF and top 25% for birthweight. Talk about balanced!

Mr. 101 The Closer 30A2

R10245103 • 30A2 • Polled • 1/10/2013 • Gen:6 • ET

He is a maternal brother to multiple trait leader Csonka and sired by multiple trait leader Whitfield. He combines two of the greatest power donors in the breed in the $80,000 30L18 and the $46,000 209L11, who together accounted for over $417,000 in revenue at Camp Cooley and many dollars since. He is big ribbed and big topped, moves like a cat and records top 10% REA and SC, 15% YW, 20% IMF and 25% WW EPDs.

Mr Majestik of Caires 44B2

R10258976 • 44B2 • Polled • 2/21/2014 • Gen:6 • NS


This young bull is owned by us and Dr. Kyle Caires of Caires Farms. He is the son of our Herd Sire, Millhouse of Majestik 331Z24. He has great depth of rib and thickness while maintaining a moderate frame. He is in the top 1% of the breed for weaning weight, top 2% for yearling weight, top 4% for ribeye, 10% for milk and 15% for scrotal. He is an amazingly balanced bull and we can't wait to use him!