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Cavenders Neches River Ranch Sale – April 22, 2017

Join us for a sale at Cavenders Saturday, April 22. We are offering two incredibly balanced, promising young heifers. These females will make great building blocks for your herd. They feature some of our most proven genetics here at Lake Majestik Farms. Check them out! Ms Majestik Hoover 415D4 Ms Majestik Closer 607D2

North Alabama Junior Livestock Expo Heifer Show

Paris took WAT Guardian 362Z10 to Cullman to participate in the North Alabama Junior Livestock Expo Heifer Show 2014.  This was their first big show and nerves were on edge.  For Paris and 362Z10.  But both done so well. First they competed in a county competition.  And our county, Jackson County, won! Then came the individual… Read more »